Transportation department:

            This department has been formed to have a well-equipped transportation complex to provide better service for the presidential apparatus of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan.

And also in order to provide effective and efficient transport and technical services, using the appropriate and efficient method, in addition, maintenance, care and completion of vehicles, and its effective regulation for the provision of transport and repair services saving all extra costs, having the coordination to expedite matter assignment, ensuring transparency and coordination to have a well-controlled administration and authority.

Duties of the transportation department:

  • Management of transport and technical services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the country.
  • Assigning vehicles to employees who deserve in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Complete the customs and traffic documents of the authority’s vehicles.
  • Monitoring, controlling, and inspecting vehicles during formal and informal times, in order to save extra charges.
  • Organizing clerical affairs on official and holidays to handle staff transportation and special programs of the high authority.
  • Arranging vehicles to transfer the delegations to the provinces of the country.
  • Arranging dispatch vehicles at the official times.
  • Supervision, control, and review of all administrative affairs, implementation of regulations for maintenance of vehicles and distribution of fuel, oil, and filters.
  • Obtaining practical and theoretical examinations from newly appointed drivers, and conducting training courses in cooperation with the department of human resources to improve staff abilities.
  • Establishing the norm of fuel materials for new vehicles, and ensuring the quality of fuel, oil in cooperation with the National Standards Office (NSA).
  • Deploy staff to the provinces of the country for the purpose of transferring the assisted and purchased vehicles of the authority.
  • Control the conversion of the purchased parts of vehicles.
  • Identify requirements (spare parts, machinery, tires, oil, and filters) with the budget required for procurement.