Objective and Task:

Coherence of project affairs management for more effectiveness and efficiency, paving the way and providing the necessary facilities to the relevant departments in project affairs in order to better advance large national projects determined by the objectives of the Supportive Office of the President.


  • Arranging monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with general plans to achieve the goals of the department;
  • Prepare the annual budget in coordination with the Procurement, Finance Departments and Implementing Authorities;
  • Follow up on the instructions and orders of the High Authority in the implementation of projects to ensure its realization;
  • Arranging relations and holding meetings with other external departments in order to coordinate the affairs of the projects in order to fulfill the instructions and goals of the department;
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of the instructions of the High Presidential Office and reporting on how it is implemented to the relevant authorities and the Supportive Office of the President for National Development
  • Arranging effective policies and procedures for development, capacity building, monitoring, and other tasks in order to improve performance and achieve the set goals;
  • Prioritizing the implementation of development projects according to the policy of the Supportive Office of the President for the National Development
  • Managing the coherence of projects related to the country in order to accelerate the implementation process of projects;
  • Ensuring the review of technical documents of projects assigned to external government departments and internal departments;
  • Solving the technical problems of projects in coordination with stakeholders, and complete accuracy in activities according to plan
  • Guidance and management of employees to ensure effective and timely performance;
  • Evaluate the performance of staff to motivate performance improvements Increase effectiveness and productivity to determine its needs
  • Provide quarterly annual and urgent work reports on activities and achievements in order to inform the leadership of the department of the progress of activities and achievements of the relevant department;
  • Formal interaction with contract companies in accordance with the Procurement Law and provision of necessary facilities;
  • Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the rules, regulations, and objectives of the department;