Logistics department:

            The logistics department has been established to strengthen procurement and provide standard services in accordance with principle and transparency in accordance with the logistics law and applicable procedures for Operation and Support Office of the President for National Development of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan.

This department will also fulfill the following responsibilities by providing procurement services, gaining the trust of volunteers, transparent accounting, growth of quality and logistics announcement services, and responsible for saving the extra charges.

Duties of the logistics department:

This department is obliged to properly fulfill the duties mentioned in article 53 of the law

  • Prepare, publish and distribute invitations for prior evaluation, prior evaluation of documents and invitation for expression of interest, procurement notices, contract notices of announcements, and other documents related to the logistics process as necessary.
  • Saving and maintaining of all current list of candidates or previous evaluation.
  • Preparing a proposal to appoint the bidding board, evaluation board, and examination board for submitting to the director for approval.
  • Providing facilities for bidding and evaluation board.
  • Preparing acceptance and rejection letters of bids, and further explanations.
  • Preparing and submitting reports of procurement activities to other departments.
  • Providing information for ant requests or inquiries regarding disqualification of a volunteer, contractor in accordance with preview procedures.
  • Perform other miscellaneous tasks as directed by other departments in accordance with applicable laws.