Human resource department:

               The human resource department works to integrate and manage the human resources the system in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to direct the authority to its strategic goals.

The department is also responsible for developing standard organizations, attracting qualified, efficient and professional people, capacity building, resolving disputes, ensuring the safety and security of salaries and privileges, performing inherent affairs, and evaluating the performance of employees.

Deputies of human resource department:

  • Plan arrange and review the organization according to the needs and goals of the authority.
  • Hiring qualified and experienced staff according to job requirements.
  • Managing and organizing educational programs (short term and long term) in order to improve the ability of the authority staff.
  • Implementation of promotions, the extension of services, and retirement of the staff, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Evaluate the performance of staff in the authority with the accordance laws and procedures.
  • Establish working relations with the independent commission for administrative reform, civilian services, and other departments in the field of public administration policies.
  • Control and care of the health, welfare, safety, discipline, and presence of the authority staff.
  • Identify and propose budget requirements for the implementation of salaries and benefits for the authority staff.
  • Ensuring the design and implementation of the mechanism for handling the salaries, duties, and complaints of the employees of the department;