Finance Department:

The finance department has a secure, transparent, accountable financial a system that is responsible for proper budgeting to meet the needs of the authority

Objectives of the Finance Department:

  • Accurate and effective financial planning (normal and development budget) in accordance with the needs of administration within the scope of applicable law.
  • Transparent, accountable, and effective management of budget expenditures in accordance with accepted financial principles.
  • Simplify and equip the financial system to accelerate the budget execution process and upgrade the technical capacity in order to increase transparency and accountability.

The duties of the financial department are as follows:

  • Arranging the annual plans of the finance department to achieve the goals of the authority.
  • Establish appropriate resource-based planning and reporting system, and link theme to the existing financial system.
  • Effective implementation of paid and non-paid expenses, from the normal budget of the authority.
  • Effective implementation of construction activities based on concluded contracts.
  • Adjusting budgets of normal and development projects annually, based on the formation and needs of the authority, and providing documents and facilities in the budget defense stage.
  • Arranging monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and non-financial reports of budget implementation.
  • Establishment of a computer information system for recording assets and properties in the sexual calculation department.
  • Comprehensive cooperation in the development of the AFMIS system, to cover all the accounting affairs of the authority, and effective use in order to provide the required financial information.
  • Establishment of a comprehensive electronic system for tracking finances in order to speed up the work process and prevent time-wasting.
  • Coordination with budget consuming departments to speed up the work process.
  • Improving the working and technical abilities of employees to accelerate the budget implementation to increase transparency and accountability.
  • Effective use of training opportunities, introducing employees to training workshops in coordination with the department of human resources.